Car Wraps in Plano TX and DFW

There are many good reasons to consider vehicle and car wraps. These include branding, advertising, standing out, paint protection and more. Titan Wraps can help you with amazing and innovative car wraps in Carrollton TX, Dallas TX, DFW or Plano TX. The main reason most people go for wraps is for marketing and branding purposes. Titan Wraps specialises in vehicle graphics and lettering and they can design and install a wrap that will transform your car or van into a powerful marketing machine.

Car wraps make your vehicle more noticeable. They are a high impact and cost effective. You can turn your vehicle into mobile billboard that generates thousands of visual impressions almost every day. Your vehicle will be like a big business card on wheels.

The whole wrapping process does not take more than a couple of days. First there is the design which is printed on premium vinyl. The vinyl wrap is protected with a clear laminate layer. Your vehicle is then cleaned so it is ready to receive the wrap. The wrap is applied in a controlled and dust free environment. The whole process can complete within 2 or 3 day. A car wrap is not permanent and can be removed in the future without damage to the vehicle. It is like having a stick-on tattoo.

You can also choose between full wraps and partial wraps. A partial wrap might be effective for a professional service business and a full wrap might be more effective for a hospitality business. A partial wrap might only consist of vinyl lettering or could be a combination pf letting and graphics. If you want more bells and whistles, then you need a full vehicle wrap.

If you want to grow your business or organization in Carrollton TX, Dallas TX, DFW or Plano TX, then car and vehicle wraps can help you do just that.