Carrolton, Dallas, DFW, Plano TX Car Wraps and Truck Wraps

Car wraps for amazing effects and vehicle restyling

Titan Wraps designs, prints and applies car wraps throughout Carrollton TX, Dallas TX, DFW and Plano TX.  They create car wraps from a comprehensive line of vinyl wraps in the form of vinyl sheets, carbon fiber, tint for headlights and tail lights as well as wood grain vinyl and camo wraps. A car wrap protects the exterior as well as the interior of your vehicle. Vinyl wraps are primarily used for vehicles but can be applied to any hard non-porous surface. You can use vinyl film to create amazing effects on your car, SUV, boat or bike.

Carbon fiber vinyl can be applied to the interior of our vehicle as well. Carbon fiber vinyl film is at the bleeding edge of vehicle restyling. Carbon fiber is tougher and more durable than traditional vinyl film and will last much longer. You can also create 3D effects as well as embossed surfaces. Carbon fiber vinyl presents you with new options when it comes to car wraps, truck wraps and vehicle wraps.

Wood grain vinyl can create simulated word finishes and can look just as good on your modern car as it does on a vintage car. Wood grain warps are available in textured as well high gloss finishes. If you like the genuine wood grain look then then wood grain vinyl is the way to go.

Apart from creating amazing custom looks, car wraps are great for marketing and branding.  You can use vehicle and car warps to promote your business and your products. Car wraps attract attention and you use vehicle wraps to gain brand recognition as well as new customers.

Whatever reasons you find compelling, Titan Wraps can help you with right car wraps in Carrollton TX, Dallas TX, DFW and Plano TX.

Carrolton, Dallas, DFW, Plano TX Car Wraps. Truck Wraps in Carrolton, DFW, Dallas, Plano TX.