The Wrap Process

Car wraps are custom designed ad campaigns specifically created for your vehicle to help build customer retention. These mobile billboards work for you 24/7.  Why waste the ad space on vehicles that you and your employees drive every day?

  • Wraps offer a chance for businesses to take advantage of mobile marketing in a cost effective, long term media.
  • Vehicle wraps last for years at a fraction of the cost of short term billboards, radio/television ads and newspapers campaigns.

Wraps give your company the professional look that customers want & expect when you pull up to their home or office.

Would you rather invite someone into your home that just got out of a white unmarked van or someone who shows up in a clean, bright, wrapped vehicle that lets you-and your neighbors- know exactly who they are and what they do?

Vehicle wraps are no more than high quality stickers.

  • After Titan Wraps designs a custom graphic specifically for your vehicle, we produce the wrap on premium vinyl with a top of the line wide format machine.
  • Once we have prints ready we apply a second clear layer, a laminate, that lays over the vehicle graphics to ensure long life and protection for the prints.
  • At this point the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned to ensure the wrap has a smooth, clean surface to adhere to.
  • Installation for most car wraps takes 24-48 hours and is done in a controlled environment so that the wrap is not effected by dust, moisture or weather conditions.
  • After the wrap is completed, Titan Wraps can remove the wrap at anytime within the next few years without damaging the paint underneath, as long as the wrap was maintained correctly and the original paint was good.