Lewisville, Plano, Carrollton TX van wraps and graphics

Van wraps should only be applied by a professional installer

Whether you have one van or ten vans you will certainly benefit from van wraps and vehicle graphics. Titan Wraps will know exactly what kind of van wrap will be able to enhance your branding and inbound marketing. They have helped countless businesses improve their visibility and marketing with innovative and eye-catching vehicle wraps.

It does not matter whether you have a plumbing business in Carrollton TX, an electrical business in Dallas TX, a bakery in DFW, a laundrette in Frisco TX or a travel business in Plano TX, if you have one or more vans, a vehicle wrap will make a substantial difference to the visibility and market penetration of your business.

There are different types of van wraps, vehicle graphics and decals. You get digitally printed wraps and pre-cured wraps. Cast vinyl wrap film is best for vehicle wraps and can be used in the form of digital or pre-cured graphics. Wrap film manufactured by companies such as Avery and 3M are considered best in terms of quality and durability. Replica or generic vinyl films are not considered the same in quality and durability as those manufactured by 3M and Avery.

When it comes to digital printed van wraps you should check that the company you contract with only uses OEM inks and not generic or imitation inks. Generic inks are more likely to fade and pixelate. Latex is the latest technology in printing techniques when it comes to vehicle wraps.

Latex technology offers superior quality and don’t require lengthy off-gas processes before laminations. This also reduces the time your van has to remain in the shop.

The main thing is to contract with a professionally trained and experienced vehicle wrap technician. Just as you would only use a professional electrician to work on your electrical systems, you should only use a professional vehicle wrap installer to apply your van wraps.